Your sons car caught on fire while he was in his apartment and now he is having trouble getting an adjuster to come out All his premiums are to date If he has trouble who can you get help from?

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Most states have a department that deals with disputes with a business. Look for a "consumer advocate or consumer protection" department. Also the state "insurance commission" or possibly the state "attorny general's office". Usually what happens is someone from the department you contacted will phone the insurance company and ask what the problem was. If they had no good reason for not sending an adjuster the phone call almost always puts a fire under their fanny.

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My husband just found out he has an another son and child support is coming out of his check every 2 weeks 160.00 It is financially hurting us and he don't even see this kid?

I am sure you would agree that the parents of a child are responsible for bringing up that child. If not who do you think is responsible?If he deceived you about his responsibilities before you were married, this is unfortunate but it does not mean he can neglect his responsibilities although I c...

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Is it legal if your car was repoed from a secured apartment complex parking lot if you're not sure how they got in because you have to have a code to get in or go in when someone comes out?

Depends how your state law reads. Some states deem entry without the proper code to be trespassing because if you were authorized to be there, you would have a code. Some states say that as long as you did not damage the fence, code entry box or circuit then you are legal to enter. The best advic...

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Can an officer drag a passenger out of a car and arrest him if he has done nothing wrong but ask why before getting out and do you have to get out?

Did the officer tell you a couple to several times to get out of the car? If so and you did not, that is why he drug you out of the car. Also, all police vehicles should be equiped with cameras mounted on the dash board that records everything that happend. Good luck and God Bless:)

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What can you do if you co-signed on car and made the down payment and all payments to date and the primary took the car because you and his son getting a divorce?

You can motion the court for redress. It would be advisable for you to take all proof of payment to court with you and be prepared to show it. As the listed borrower on the note, he has as much right to the vehicle as you. However, if the vehicle is registered only to you, and you did not consent...

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If someone tore out your CD player subs and all the wires to go with it and now your car has no juice and you can't even open the hood what could he have done and how do you get the hood open?

Try this: safely raise up car with a hydraulic jack then get under car to hook up jumper cables directly to the starter. Hook the positive on the positive lug while you ground the neg to bare metal. This will back feed power into the system. Most hoods open with a cable that is hooked up to a ins...

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My 1999 tracker will not shift out of park if you have your foot on the brake keep your foot off shifts fine previous owner states has been this way since new he thought it was normal how to fix?

Without knowing the Tracker specifically generally it's the other way around, sounds like a simple wire cross either on a repair or at the factory.It could be specifically for the sense switch or the brake switch, which if you have ABS would be something you want to fix.

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