You got a written warning do you have to do anything about it can your parents ever find out about it the defective equipment box is not checked off but under other he wrote 08-10401 what is that?

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It is best not to keep this from your parents. This is only a warning for something. If you fix what is wrong, this will not matter and will not go on any records. Tell your parents and you will be better off in the long run.

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How do you switch out the warning tone module on a 92 camaro to a chime off a Firebird or any other GM that has a chime?

This is usually a small plugin module near the fusebox. A module from another car may or may not fit.

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Your turn signals are not working inside the car or outside you tried the fuse but it is still good you investigated further and checked behind the glove box on the left hand side but did not find a t?

Replace the Flasher Relay. Go to any Auto Parts store and they can tell you where it is.

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You bought a car from private party he never wrote anything stating as is the car has lost the rear end in the 2 weeks you've owned it how do you get a refundIs there a law that protects people?

He is not required to write anything stating that you are buying "as is". That is assumed. Unless he stated in writing or verbally that he is selling the car with a warranty, you are probably out of luck. Of course you could take him to small claims court. If you could prove that he knew the car ...

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What if your car breaks down within the first six months that you bought at a car lot but the motor has been worked on before you bought it and they didnt tell you can you do anything about it?

Different states different Lemon Laws. Here in Tennessee you are pretty much just stuck with it. Most vehicles are sold on a As Is basis meaning no warranty or refund. That being said I hate to put it like this but unless you find a loop hole in your local lemon laws to get your money back, you w...

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What could be wrong is after about five minutes of driving your car sounds like you have a flat but when you check it you do not but when you start driving again you hearing the thudding?

Frozen strut?Your tire might have a bubble in it. Inspect all of your tires for slashes or bumps on the side wall.

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Your car got impounded and you are currently overseas you do not have any of your car information with you How do you find all of that information out?

It all truly depends. I have been there. Why are you overseas? If you are military, contact the State Board of Military (veterans) Affairs, or the Veterans Assistance Commission, depending on what state it is depends on the title. These "commissions" are made up of personnel who are veterans, and...

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How do you find a key for 1997 Celica locking lug nuts that the previous owner says is in the car but it is not?

it should be attached to the lug wrench in the trunk. if not,go to the dealer, we have a universal set that can remove any factory style locks. have them remove the locks and replace the set with a new set...and dont lose the key this time!

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You are in chapter 13 and your truck got towed by a tow company because you ran out of gas is there anything that you can do under chapter 13 rights to get it back without paying their fee it is now u?

No, property which is "attached" for services can be sold to pay for the services. They do not specifically fall under the bankruptcy law.I just have to comment...I appreciate your going through a tough time now...but you seem to be very confused and maybe that's part of the problems.Your Bankrup...

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You have a 99 grand prix gtp car will not idle at all runs great just driving down the road or under heavy load does not lunge miss or anything but when you let off the gas to slow down it dies?

This should have set a code in your computer even if the light did not come on. I would suggest you have the codes pulled to find out the exact cause and to avoid wasting money on needless repairs. Autozone used to do this free.

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How do you find out the make of a truck.. I can't remember what it was...all I know is that you could take off the back and it was blue..?

There should be a sticker on the inside of the driver or passenger door when you open it. Right where the door latches. sometimes you may have to peel off paint if it was painted

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