What is the music in the Top Gear US special that plays at the end when Jeremy looks back on the trip- its a piano piece- its also played in the advert for the 'Yesterday' documentary above and beyond?

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I haven't seen that episode in ages, but I think it's 'Auto Rock' by Mogwai, if I remember correctly. look it up.

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By looking at a car's VIN how do you know when it was assambled in the US or Canada?

Tips to understanding your vehicles serial (VIN) number They are as follows: 1st character- Identifies the country in which the vehicle was manufactured. For example: U.S.A.(1or4), Canada(2), Mexico(3), Japan(J), Korea(K), England(S), Germany(W), Italy(Z) 2nd character- Identifies the manufacture...

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Why does my front end wobble when accelerating hard. usually happens in 2nd through to 5th gears not first gear. cars gear stick also shakes a lot at the same time?

The shaking of the front end could be many things, personally I would check the wheel balance first. The gear stick wobble points to the gear box mountings been worn.

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What is the reason for a knocking noise when i drive i changed ball joints and control arms i noticed my axels have holes in the boots and they also have some play Is that the cause of the knocking?

If when you turn a corner the knocking noise gets louder and more pronounced, then you have defective CV joints. The fact that the boots have holes in them, would indicate that water and dust has been able to contact the joints. This will cause them to self-destruct. This can be very dangerous, a...

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If a 94 Nissan Sentra XE seems like it's not going into gear all the way and it sounds like it's grinding when you put it in gear is it the clutch or linkage that's bad?

Your linkage could be wore-out but sounds like your trany might be bad itself.

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Why does your Volkswagen golf 2000 shake when traveling at most common speeds for example 30mph and 70mph it will shake and then the power will kick back in it also has a wobble standing still?

A common cause for a shaky vehicle is when the engines motor mounts are worn and brittle. The engine mounts are supposed to absorb the vibrations of the motor and when they fail the vibrations get transferred to the cabin of the car.

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If you're in neutral at an intersection is it ok to skip first gear and go straight to second when the light changes?

If you are sitting at a light and you start in second, it won't usually stall your car. However it is not a good idea to always do this because if this is how you always shift, your transmission will not last very long. When you do shift back to first gear, be sure that your car has stopped compl...

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When you are stopeed at a light and you hit the gas it gives you a slight kick on first gear besides that its smoothe What is my problem?

hi, it could be your clutch slipping

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