What is the diagram for the 02 sensor on a 2001 gallant The one from auto store has 4 wires which are 2 gray and 2 white your cars colors are 1 white 1 blue and 2 black How would you hook the new up?

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Does anyone know where to find OEM part(what is OEM?) I also need a sensor. I assume that buying from the popular auto part stores sell after market sensor-help.

usually there is only 1 way for the connectors to slide together if still unsure call your local parts store use a OEM part and not an after market sensor-Your OEM sensor should plug right into the old one. If you try to splice in an after market sensor you will have nothing but headaches and problems

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Your universal part for a 2000 Civic EX primary oxygen sensor has different colored wires than the one in your car your car has 2 black 1 green and 1 white and these are not the colors on replacement?

You probably have 2 O2 sensors, one on top (visible when you pop the hood) and the other underneath, attached to your header(the 4 tubes connected to your engine)

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Your forum says that there are a minimum of 2 oxygen sensors on a 96 mercury grand marquis then that would explain why mine has 2 on each side one by the firewall and the catalytic converter?

Is there a question here or just a statement that doesn't make a lot of sense?

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What would give you intermitten spark on a 1994 nissaan truck 2.4 litrethe coil has been changedand the plugs and wires are new?

Is the coil wire good? Also check the negative battery cable , from the battery all the way to the block where it connects(grounds).Make sure there are no cracks or shorts it may be worn(insulation) or broken and barely making contact somewhere. .crazywowow

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