What conditions typically causes vapor lock A water in a fuel tank B a flooded carburetor C an overheated fuel line D a dirty fuel filter?

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"C" an overheated fuel line.

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What causes vapor lock in fuel system?

Vapor lock is a problem that mostly affects gasoline-fueled internal combustion engines.It occurs when the liquid fuel changes state from liquid to gas while still in the fuel delivery system.

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What level of water will ruin a typical car's engine in a flood?

It's not water in the engine that kills a car, it's water in the electrical system. Enough water to submerge any part of the electrical system is enough to cause headaches. If the water was above the starter motor (Which is usually the lowest electrical device) you will have problems. The above i...

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When replacing a water pump in a 1999 Subaru wagon 4 cylinder would not bleeding the line cause overheating?

If air is trapped in the cooling system and is not removed, yes, it will cause overheating.

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What could cause overheating in a Nissan Frontier when the air conditioning is turned on?

A bad thermostat can cause overheating in a Nissan Frontier when the air conditioning is turned on. A bad compressor can also cause this.

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Is there a vent on the fuel tank of an 2003 F-250 that might allow water in when crossing deep water?

All gas tanks have vents that vent vapor. They are usually located on the top of the tank and are well protected, but it is possible for them to let water in. I wouldn't be too concerned about it, because water deep enough to fill the tank would drown the engine first. But if you have to run a sn...

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What will water in a gasoline fuel system cause as far as problems goes?

How much water makes a big difference. An ounce or two may show up as an occasional stumble in the engine or hard starting. Several ounces or more would probably leave you stranded with an engine that won't run.

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What condition would be the cause of a blown fuse in an electrical circuit on a motorcycle?

They go bad after awhile it's time to check all of your fuses to see what all needs to be replaced if you see more fuses blown check your local napa checker autozone or whatever auto parts store for replacements.Check the wiring loom for the circuit involved. It is likely that it has chaffed agai...

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What would be the reason for allowing an expansion volume and a venting system in the fuel tank?

Closed-loop, or sealed, fuel systems require that fumes from the gasoline be vented back to the engine for burning. A bad, or "open" vent valve can cause the car to stall when, or immediately after, filling up the gas tank. Because of temperature variances, combined with being a sealed unit, expa...

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What causes a Pressure build up in cooling system and then forces water out of the overflow on expansion tank and then vehicle overheats?

A cracked head or bad head gasket or both.

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Your car is overheating when idle at stop lights or when idle in your driveway also when you are idle in the driveway and press on the accelerator it makes a water gurgling sound what could cause this?

The overheating could be a problem with your cooling fan- The water gurgling, I'm not sure aboout, I suggest you check all you fluid levels edit by SkydiveSonic: Sounds like you may have a lot of air in the cooling system. Try pouring more coolant into the radiator (when the engine is cold!!), or...

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