Someone hit us with no insurance gave false info he said by accident won't call us back what should we do dont have a police report do we call police now to make a reportor file small claims?

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U need 2 do both>First call police then go from there.

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What if there was a minor accident but no police report or insurance claims?

If you were involved in a minor car accident turn on your hazard lights and pull of the road. Make sure you look write down the other driver's license plate number in case he drives off. Call the police as soon as possible. Exchange information with everyone who was involved in the accident and t...

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If insured hits uninsured and police wrote the report incomplete and now the insured insurance comapny is calling how can we challenge this?

im guessing youre the uninsured. and im geussing youre not at fault. if the other partys insurance company is trying to bully you out of coughing up the green for your damages then contact your insurance ombudsman, they are government run, they are the bosses of all insurace companies..good luck.

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Your car was hit by another he said call him after you did the estimate when you told him the result of the estimate he said he will call us back but he never call back and does not answer the phone w?

Get a lawyer. If you know who his insurance company is, contact them directly.The procedure is to get name, license number, insurance company if it happens again. If you do have any of that, report it to the police, it should be called hit and run.

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I hit a parked car while reversing and dint stop nor saw damage done and now rcvd accident claim form frm their insurance so should I call back to settle it outside or talk to my insurance first in MA?

You have pretty much hit and ran a vehicle. If their insurance has contacted you already, I would notify your insurance pay your deductible, but your insurance rate will go up pretty high. Your lucky that that's all they did. Usually they would arrest you for something like that.

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