Side to side movement of front wheels on my 96 F350 means it has loose tie rod ends right-- Would this also cause there to be a wobbling feeling in the steering wheel when driving on un-even surfaces?

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Loose or worn tie rod ends on the 96 F350 can cause this problem. There could be other front end components wearing as well, check the entire front end system for problems.

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Your 2002 F350 has steering wheel pulls The steering wheel pulls right or left as you are driving down the road All front end components are good?

Tires worn? Check Tire pressure

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What causes right side front wheel on 1985 GM to lock up?

Could be,a frozen/sticky brake caliper,an internally collapsed brake hose,a pinched brake line,

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Your right front tire is shaking it has already been balanced and aligned There is no nosie no feeling in the steering wheel its the tire that is shaking not when braking slight wobble at low speeds?

The belts of the tire are probably coming apart. Need to replace tire ASAP. Assuming the mechanicals have been checked. Bearing, axle, brakes, etc.

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What could cause a loud hissing sound from the front passenger side when the steering wheel is turned to the hard right after backing out then begin driving?

The passenger side front tire may be rubbing on the inner fender.

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What would cause the front right wheel on your 1998 Ford Ranger 4x4 to make a ratcheting winding sound just before you come to a complete stop?

The ratchet winding noise on the Ranger 4x4 could be a wheel bearing or brake issue. There could also be problems in the front differential. Check all three for any problems. The 1998 Ranger noise is most likely coming from a brake grinding against a rotor, or a bad wheel bearing. Either of these...

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Car is weaving left to right after being side swiped there was paint on the left rear hubcap so that wheel was hit would this be an alignment issue?

this would be a bent rim

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