My vehicle registration expires today Jan 14 but I paid for it on Jan 02 and it said I would receive it within 5 business days and I still haven't received it yet Will anything happen?

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So long as you have the receipt of payment, you should be covered. You may still be ticketed, but that receipt should suffice to keep you from having to pay a fine, if your registration isn't yet received by the day you're to appear in court.

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What do I do if I sent for my stickers in the mail but have not received them yet and my sticker is expired in Ohio?

Go to the MVD and bring old registration and proof of payment. Maybe it got lost in the mail.

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What can I do I haven't paid on my vechile loan since 2005 and have told them to come and get it and they said that they sold the loan to someone else But they dont have my loan what do i do?

drive it till they come and get it. Just don't keep any thing of value in it, in case they do find it and your not there to take your stuff out of it.

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My deceased mother's car was towed from a car service shop without my knowledge and the wrecker service sold it. They said they had sent letters but I never received any. Do I have any rights?

If the garage can provide proof that they followed the correct procedure there is not much you can do. Contact your lawyer to be sure.

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I just bought a car and i want to transfer it in my name... i have the deed of sale but the certificate of registration is still encumbered... what is my first step?

If the title is encumbered that means that there is money owed on the car. a car loan.the previous owner should have paid the loan off before you bought the car. I would go back to the person that sold you the car and ask them if the loan was paid off and ask for documentation to hat effect. than...

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How do you handle the insurance after a hit and run without getting the license plate number still haven't submitted claim happened 3 days ago but I have 2 witnesses.?

first call the police file a report then call your insurance company.

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What motorbike should i ride. i am roughly 5''1 and weigh roughly 7 stone. i am 14 and in need of desperate help. i think i should get a 85cc but dont know if i will grow out of it to quickly. i help?

learn on the 85cc after a few years riding get a bigger bike. If you dont learn how to ride on your first bike you'll never really learn proper riding. Smaller bikes easier to learn.

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When i am driving down the road my car dies it happend today 3 to 5 times in a row what would cause that to happen i changed the fuel pump and the crank sensor and i don't know what else to do?

Have you had your alternator tested. It sounds like it may be going bad.if you have battery discharge problem ( battery not charging and then dies the engine ) you can not crank the engine. if you have access to fault code, please read it and then try to solve that.

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