Is there a common elect. source that would take out all power windows and ac-htr blower This car was given to son and the ac and windows worked right up to about a week before he was given the car.?

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Check relays and fuses in power distribution block under hood

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Why would ac blower motor and power windows only work when ignition switch is partially engaged on 2001 dodge ram 2500?

The ignition switch is bad. Replace it.

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Your sons car caught on fire while he was in his apartment and now he is having trouble getting an adjuster to come out All his premiums are to date If he has trouble who can you get help from?

Most states have a department that deals with disputes with a business. Look for a "consumer advocate or consumer protection" department. Also the state "insurance commission" or possibly the state "attorny general's office". Usually what happens is someone from the department you contacted will ...

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Your car wouldn't start. there was a clicking sound and the radio and windows worked .car was jumpstarted. as you drove it away all power systems started dying. whats wrong?

It could be one of many things. First off it could be a bad alternator/generator. Second it could be your wires arnt properly connected to the battery. Another problem could be the ignitor is going bad. That would be my 3 main ideas why it does that.The charging system has probably failed. You we...

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You put brake fluid where power steeling is supposed to go in is this a big problem can you just take it out and put right fluid in the car was ran only 15 minutes at most?

Both the power steering pump and the brake booster operate hydraulically. Putting brake fluid in the power steering pump will not harm it since brake fluid is a light oil only with different properties. I would only worry if it were the other way around and you put power steering fluid in the bra...

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Is it considered a repossession if you take the car back before the first payment is due because the dealer lied about what he would do to the car and how many miles were on it?

Charlie, if you signed a contract promising to pay X number of dollars for X number of months and dont pay, then the collateral will be taken back and considered "repossessed". Doesnt matter how the collateral gets back to the lender. Its a businness deal.

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What if you were lied to about your conditions on your lease agreement you were told that the dealer would take care of all the miles you went over on the agreement now he's fired and I'm left with y?

As a previous business manager, dealing directly with lease agreements and situations such as this, I can attest that this happens way too often in the biz, inherently giving the industry as a whole a bad name. Concerning your question, most likely you were told this by the salesperson, and not t...

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Why would a father take a daughter's car after 3 years of payments even if she was 2 payments behind but had an agreement with the bank and all he had to do was agree but instead he stole the car?

I can't answer why he took the action he did. I will say that he did not "steal it". If the lending agreement was in default the vehicle is subject to being repossessed and it is the legal right of the lien holder to do so. A lending agreement is considered defaulted if even one of the terms is n...

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What would cause a right front brake to over heat on a ford bronco2 the brakes and right calluiper was change last week after locking up why would it do it again It gets so hot it melted the hub linin?

I have run into this before and it was a bad master cylinder that kept pressure on the brakes .

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What could be wrong with a 98chevys10 with25000 miles on it last winter the heater would not get very warm when it was realcold out and it didn't want to start we replaced the battery worked all summe?

check your thermostat it is most likely stuck closed also drain and flush your cooling system

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On a 2001 town country ac heater and radio all turn on and off by them self but if you start car then take out the started relay everything works fine but if i put it back in it acts up again?

Either you have a "Short" in the system or you're hooking it up wrong. Let a professional mechanic figure it out.

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My 1993 corsa b battery drained and had to be taken out charged and put back in it was only after this that i found the radio would not work no option for a code just blank screen fuse is fine?

It still wants the code. Check for manual for the code. If it's not in the manual you have to remove the radio, it'll be on the back.

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