If I got pulled over in new philli OH and I was going 98 in a 65 with a 15 year old Minor and I'm only 16 I just got my license 4 month ago what do you think will happen?

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why don't you slow down! my cousin got killed by a teenager driving thinking he was cool cuz he got his license, new car, thought he could drive how every he wanted-then he ran a red light doing 80 in 45 and smashed into my cousin and killed her! wonder how cool he thought he was watching her die until the police came. nothing will happen, just points on your dl, large fine, insurance will go up/might drop you if you're lucky---you might get a suspended license for excessive speed!

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I have 6points on my license over a year old I'm looking at getting another 6 points what will happen to my license?

You will lose your license until the points expire. !2 points and your banned

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If I got pulled over with an out of state Drivers license in California will it go on my driving record?

If you were just visiting California and living elsewhere, you should not be getting cited.If, however, you are living and working in California (or any other state for that matter) then you are required by law to obtain a drivers license for that state within a certain time frame. Chances are th...

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Just changed the ecu on my ford fiesta 1996 1.25i zetec the car will not even turn over now the old ecu was only firing 2 pistons. i think the immobilizer is stopping the car from starting any help?

Hi, In the later fiestas ford use a system called PATS (passive anti theft system). Basically, there is a chip in your key (the red dot on the end) that is coded, and links to the ECU when you put the key in the ignition. Where you have changed the ECU, it is looking for a different key, so the c...

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My Overflow is steaming and only one fan is working on my 96 eclipse RS model. i have tried everything i put in a new radiator and a new thermo stat but the over heating is still happening?

Check your oil filler cap has no emulsified oil in it , sort of creamy looking, if it has check the head gasket has not blown. Also look into water bottle and see if the water flows through bottle , if not check water pump. Cheers. Jim.

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I am 25 i got caught doindg 80 in a 50 what do you think i get as i ant had my license for two years yet i i need my car for work and to get my kids to a to b what do you think i get i live in the UK?

Firstly your stupid for doing 80 in a 50, you could have killed someone else nevermind yourself.Second, I'm guessing you were caught by a speed camera, in which cause you will get a fine and 3 points. Though depending on your local council you could get 6 points. Either way you won't lose your li...

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My rad overfill plastic tank in getting hot and noisy after a long stop and go traffic drive thermostat changed 3 month ago. Had the car for 1 year I it a bleeding problem or more?

I think you should first check to make sure that the radiator fan is working and it is very easy to do just take the car for a short drive to warm it up then return home if you want to do the chechk their and withbthe car running lift the hood and check the upper radiator hose it should be hot th...

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What happen if you have a Commerical Drivers license in Texas and get a speeding ticket and you just want to pay the ticket how long does it stay on your record and how many point will I lose?

Points will be assessed for three years. It will remain visible on your MVR for seven years. How many points against your license and how many CSA points you receive (if operating a CMV) depends on how fast you were going in relation to the speed limit.

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How do you take the speed governor off a 1999 ZR2 s10 with a 4.3 I pulled out and passed 4 cars last night and it died as I was pulling back in front of an 18 wheeler almost got run over?

How fast were you wanting to go?... the governer on that truck should give you 162 kph...if that's not enough, buy a super-chip to re-burn you're eeprom.

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My license was suspended in PA even though I only have a permit due to an underage consumption not near or in a car I am 20 years old and I am wondering if I would be able to get my license in NY?

It is possible that you would be able to apply for, test, and be issued a NY drivers license with no problem but it is more likely that you would be denied. Absolutely, if you did get a NY license and then got a ticket this history would come out and you'd have more problems than you started with...

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My Overflow is steaming and only one fan is working on my 96 eclipse RS model. i have tried everything i put in a new radiator and a new thermo stat but the over heating is still happening. HG is ok?

You have two fans, one turns on when the AC is running. The other fan turns on when the engine coolant temp has reached aprox 210 degrees. The coolant temp sensor/switch determines that. So, it could be either the coolant fan motor or the coolant fan temp sensor or the coolant fan relay or the co...

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