Iam going to do my first paint job on my truck using a 2 stage paint.How long do I have to wait after I shoot the last coat of clear before i can color sand and cut and buff it.?

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theres no sanding when u do a 2 stage paint job,and ull have to wait about 2weeks tobuff the car if it was not baked under heat lamps

u only bake if enamel

modern paint does not require bake

next question asked how long to wait after last clear coat before you color


the color coat goes on before the clear coat

the clear coat is to protect and fill in any bumps in paint such as metal flake paint

bottom line if you clear coat first ,you are wasting your money an your time

you do not sand between color coat and clear coat

sanding will take away the proper effect

clear coat is to finish paint properly

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Do I need to wet sand after clear coat?

Step 3: Begin to wet-sand the clear coat.The clear coat should be wet-sanded with 400 grit sandpaper.This is to replace the orange peel with finer and finer scratches, which will eventually be filled in with polish.The sanding steps help diminish the clear coat until the entire surface is smooth.

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What sand paper do you use to ruff up the paint on your car before you clear coat it?

Wet 600 is the coarsest I would use. A better way would be to use one of the different grits of Scotch Brite. Most body shops use it now more than sand paper.

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How long do you need to wait to do a cut and polish after a new paint job on your car?

Depending on the paint manufacture(ppg, sikkens, dupont,) usually 24-72 hrs. Also if you baked the paint in a booth, or just air dried. The reason you wait is to let the paint gas off. What that means is let the chemicals evaporate and let the paint cure. If you fail to do this, the evaporation o...

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Originally, sure you had best pick the unique computer

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You may have to take the repo company to court, and prove that they damaged the vehicle. They have supplied the loan company with a copy of any damage that they show when the vehicle was picked up. And I you were driving it, you may be able to prove that the vehicle was operable. An attorney may ...

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If you are able to legally obtain a driver's license without going through Driver's Ed. (Like if you are 18 ) then you are able to obtain it even if you go through Driver's Ed. But why not just go through the month and a half and learn it all?

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My truck blows lots of steam out the tailpipe but after awhile stops i do have a brown color in the antifreeze overflow tank but not in the radiator your truck does not get up to high speeds.help?

Head gasket. Just starting to go and as the motor warms up it expands and seals the gap. Oil is getting into the coolant and since oil floats on water it goes to the overflow. Lack of speed, one or two plugs are fouled or you are loosing enough compression on 1 or 2 cylindars.

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My car was donated and it got towed away before they came to pick it up. How do I go about getting it to the agency that I donated it to?

You must pay the tow yard what you owe to get it out, then arrange for the donation place to go pick it up.

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You should probably ask an associate at the D.M.V. that question.

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Check the hydraulic fluid level. It may have leaked out and the tank is empty, in which case you have a leak to repair.

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My 1987 2 8 V6 s10 doesn't want to go over 55 mph and after you drive for about 5 min the manifold starts to glow red I replaced the fuel pump removed the catalytic converte and done a full tune up?

Seemes to me like you might want to check your timing. your problem could be that when the pistons reach Top dead center and the sparkplug ignites your air fuel charge your exhaust valves could be open slightly resulting in a big loss of power and your combustion bursting out into your exhaust ma...

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