I was told that if my daughter's car was set for repo that she and I would have an arrest warrant filed against us because the car would be considered stolen property This is in Delaware?

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Hello my friend, Sorry for your worries! If your daughter could be arrested simply because she could not make payments, new jails would need to be constructed 24 hours a day. Sounds like some shifty Buy Here Pay Here guys are trying to scare you to get money. This will ease your mind, I promise! Call the police, on the non-emergency number and ask them the same question and tell them who made the threat. Good Luck : )

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What do you do if a car being repossessed or considered stolen is on your property Do you call a Repo Guy and if so where do you find this information?

1)get the Vin # the vehicle identification number 2)call the police and ask them to run the Vin they should be able to tell you if it is stolen or not and what to do next

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Can you be arrested if a repo man came to your house and then they called and said that your car has been reported stolen and criminal charges have been filed?

Well, common sense tells me that IF it was reported 'stolen", the cops would at least drive by and look.Certainly, charges filed would bring at least 2 cops to talk to you, dont you think? In some states, that can happen. Are you in one of those states?

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My car was stolen in Seattle WA I'm told I have to pay 500 to get it out of impound Is this legal?

if it wasent the cops wouldent be doin it player

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The insurance is in my name i let my daughter used my car but she's wasn't added to my insurance she got in to an accident on private property were she an a lady back up at the same time who at faultt?

more than likely it would be you and your daughter that are in trouble, considering that she was not on the insurance. so there for you will have to pay for the other ladies repairs out of your own pocket not to mention the insurance ticket.

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What would cause a hesitation in my Dodge Lil' Red Express 360 the hesitation is when 1st starting I was told that it could be the accelerator pump but that checked out OK any ideas what it could be?

Could be,Base timing should be 8 degrees BTDC,A large vacuum leak,Double check the operation of the accelerator pump,Carburetor may need rebuilding,Worn spark plugs,If it hesitates only when cold and goes away once warmed up, it may have a choke problem,

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How long do you have in Texas before your car is repoed i was only a few days late and i called them and told them i would be in on monday they said that was fine what rights do i have thank you?

Absolutely none. Texas is a pay-off state, as most of them are. Once they get it, you have to pay them off in full or get another loan within ten days. This just happened to my Mom. They will make the price so high that it will not be worth getting it back and no loan company will want to touch y...

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My car is in someone else name and she told me she went to dmv and put it in my name but i wasn't ther so i wanted to know is that possable for her to do so without me being there.?

she should go with your driver's license proving to them that she is eligible to do so. or at least somewhat of a note saying you allowed her to.i highly doubt the DMV will allow her to do that to a different persons car.

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Car is weaving left to right after being side swiped there was paint on the left rear hubcap so that wheel was hit would this be an alignment issue?

this would be a bent rim

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Why would a father take a daughter's car after 3 years of payments even if she was 2 payments behind but had an agreement with the bank and all he had to do was agree but instead he stole the car?

I can't answer why he took the action he did. I will say that he did not "steal it". If the lending agreement was in default the vehicle is subject to being repossessed and it is the legal right of the lien holder to do so. A lending agreement is considered defaulted if even one of the terms is n...

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How would i go about suing someone who had an accident in my car about 8 yrs ago he was cited at the scene now i am being sued i cosigned a vehicle for the person and he let the car get repo how do i?

8 years ago????? I think statute of limitations may apply here I definitely agree, it is highly unlikely that this could be a valid lawsuit. The one exception could be that laws governing SOL's for litigation action state the action must be filed before the SOL expires. There is a small chance th...

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Can I get sued for car payments made on car in my name after I repo it back from friend that stopped making payments on it car was being financed through dealer N only my name was on the loan title?

Short answer is Yes. Your name is on the title. Your should consult a lawyer and go through the agreement you signed. If you still have the car, you must pay the instalments. If you cannot afford to continue the instalments, you should try to strike a deal with the finance company to return the...

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My license was suspended in PA even though I only have a permit due to an underage consumption not near or in a car I am 20 years old and I am wondering if I would be able to get my license in NY?

It is possible that you would be able to apply for, test, and be issued a NY drivers license with no problem but it is more likely that you would be denied. Absolutely, if you did get a NY license and then got a ticket this history would come out and you'd have more problems than you started with...

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How late does a car payment have to be before they can repo it your paymen is a 1week and 2days let but you was told if they did not it your car payment today by 12n you would go to jail and report it?

it really depends on If you had a title loan or by here pay here by the week,byweekly,or monthly or If your car is financed with a financial institution. title loan laws: if your two weeks behind they can repo you If your supposed to pay weekly If your supposed to pay every two weeks then it take...

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My 1993 corsa b battery drained and had to be taken out charged and put back in it was only after this that i found the radio would not work no option for a code just blank screen fuse is fine?

It still wants the code. Check for manual for the code. If it's not in the manual you have to remove the radio, it'll be on the back.

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In winter there was two big hearts in the snow in my driveway I know that a car can make them by turning round But can you make them on purpose if you are an experienced driver please no mean answer?

yes you can it is easier if it is a compact car you are using i have tried it with a caddilac a cutlass plus a geo metro the metro was the best to use

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