How would i go about suing someone who had an accident in my car about 8 yrs ago he was cited at the scene now i am being sued i cosigned a vehicle for the person and he let the car get repo how do i?

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8 years ago????? I think statute of limitations may apply here I definitely agree, it is highly unlikely that this could be a valid lawsuit. The one exception could be that laws governing SOL's for litigation action state the action must be filed before the SOL expires. There is a small chance that the suit was filed before the SOL expired and the court is only now setting a date for trial. The best option is for the defendant to obtain legal advice before taking any other action. The majority of attorneys offer free or minimal fee consultations. The American Bar Association has a free nationwide referral service on their website,

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I am looking to sell my ccommercial trucks but I am not sure of the value(s) of them, how would I go about find out their worth?

For commercial trucks, you can check their worth at You can also check values at

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Business and sold a guy a car he took the car and never paid Can i repo his car and how do i go about doing that?

First: no, you may not "repo" the car, because you do not have a "security interest" and "security agreement" which gives you permission to do that.Second: if the buyer "took the car" without paying, it could be a criminal offense (theft, theft by deception, etc) and you can file a police report ...

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You had a car that was in your yard for 8 months hauled to the junk yard received 250 dollars charged with theft by deception you live in Ky The person who owned the car is ok with it now.?

You should have gotten more than that just for storage fees, it is a shame how the law works, I know if someone left a car on my yard I would take it apart completely and made more by breaking it into different types of metals like copper, aluminum, steel, converter ect.. The real charge should h...

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What happens when my insured car is in an accident which isn't my fault but I find out at the scene the driver the person driving my car has either an expired or suspected license?

You go and hire an attorney and ask him for legal advice.

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How would I go about burning a car I am making a music video and want to know things to consider such as safety starting the fire controlling it etc?

You should check with local government agencies to see what permits and precautions might be needed, and check with the local fire department. The FD might consider doing a car-burn as part of training, and perhaps let you film the fire itself (but not the firefighters).You should research the te...

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You had just let off the brake from shifting into reverse and I bumped into a car that drove right up behind me without disregard and I have a witness that agrees Who is at fault?

if you were in reverse, then you would be for not being aware of what was behind you when you started to move.

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How do you go about transporting cars from nearby cities for car dealerships I knew a woman who would deliver cars to near by cities and return in a rental on behalf of a car dealership?

I used to deliver cars for a dealership and would drive back another car to put on the lot. If you are talking bulk you may need to get a quote from a car carrier(Truck)

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If you buy 2 cars each for 2000000 plus the average gasoline cost for20 years how much would the value go down if the person had one crash with both then had a car wash then did a car job on both?

well, actually, the value would not go down any more than it did when you drove it off the lot, unless the people that fixed it didnt do a very good job

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My car engine blew but all other parts are working properly. How do I go about selling all the parts Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks.?

Remove them piece by piece, then drop them on eBay, or an equivalent...

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