Classic car was being rebuilt for 6 years. CA DMV wants 1000 dollars claiming it wasn't non-op when I bought it. Therefore I must have been driving it illegally for 6 years. What can I do?

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Hopefully you saved all the receipts for parts during the rebuild and that they are dated.

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My car is in someone else name and she told me she went to dmv and put it in my name but i wasn't ther so i wanted to know is that possable for her to do so without me being there.?

she should go with your driver's license proving to them that she is eligible to do so. or at least somewhat of a note saying you allowed her to.i highly doubt the DMV will allow her to do that to a different persons car.

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I am looking for a dedicatec or reginal run from Alabama. I just bought a truck and will need base plates and permits, a company that can provide me with these since I do not have my own authority. I have been driving over 20 years no accidents.?

These websites list available jobs in your area: AND AND

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My stepdad signed for me a truck and now he is deceased and he has been deceased for three years but when he was alive i paid on my truck and now the company wants to take it back.can theytake it?

Do you owe a finance company or a bank for your truck? If so, and you are nearing 3 payments behind, yes they can take it. It is best not to avoid the telephone calls and mail that you are probably getting. Try to work out a plan. Sometimes lenders will put missed payments on the back of the loan...

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