Vacuum Cleaners

What causes your car to run lean after you have replaced the o2 sensor and have sprayed carb cleaner to cheack for a vacuum leak and what else can you do?

check the air filter if dirty "it would have to be terrible" it would cause less oxygen to your fuel mixture wich will run lean.if it has carb you can adjust it if fuel injected or throttle body could even be computer if its a 96' or above you can take to auto zone they will hook it to a computer...

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Is it avisable to run the car engine when using a 12 v car vacuum cleaner which plugs in to the cigar lighter?

The longer you use the vacuum cleaner the more it will deplete the car battery. So it would be advisable, expecially if the battery is not in best of health, to keep it charged by running the engine. Not very green though. You' be better with a mains cleaner.

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