If you pay late have a wreck a week later can the ins co. cancel and refuse to pay even if they keep your money 30 days in SC?

You will need to read the agreement you have with your insurance. Usually, there is a grace period for payments. It sounds like your payment may have arrived after that period. If you are certain it did not, keep pursuing the issue. Perhaps you can get a copy of your cancelled check from the bank...

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Would a naked wire cause your ignition switch fuse to keep blowing and if so how do you go about searching for the wire?

Yes, a bare wire could cause this symptom. If the ignition switch is mounted to the steering column, chances are that the offending wire is in that bundle. You will need an Ohmeter to 'ring out' each wire to check if it is being grounded or not. Visually finding the wire will be akin to looking f...

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