Survival Tips

How do the car safety features of modern cars differ from early cars?

Stop signs were updated to become timed traffic signals.Seat belts were pretty much non-existent in the 1950s and it was the same with roll bars.Now we have airbags (front AND side) and heavier structural steel reinforcement in the bodies of the cars.Brakes first became Power Brakes and are now A...

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What should you do if someone puts you in their car and drives off with you?

Security specialists the world over advise MAKE NOISE! WAVE YOUR ARMS WILDLY TO GAIN THE ATTENTION OF OTHER CAR DRIVERS OR PEOPLE ON THE STREET!Get out of the car when it slows down for a turn, or stops for a traffic signal.Cause the kidnapper to wreck the car! This can be accomplished by wrenchi...

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What safety features are in a modern car to reduce injury?

A number of safety feautres are in cars now to try and prevent accidents. Airbags, stop a person's face from breaking into the steering wheel. Seatbelts, stop a person from coming out of a seat. During an accident, you may be forced through the windscreen if you have not a seatbelt on. Crumplezon...

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