What is the most important part of an engine?

Depending on the type of engine, piston, turbine, external, rotary, among others there are numerous components to an engine without which the engine will not function. For example a typical piston cylinder engine(from any car) will not work without any of the following components-piston, carburet...

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How can the carbon dioxide in the athmosphere be reduced?

Carbon dioxide is being added to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere whenever we burn fossil fuel (coal, oil and natural gas). We burn it mostly to generate electricity, but also for use in transport and industry.If we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels (slowing our use of electricity, ...

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What is the chemical composition of diesel gas?

Petroleum-derived diesel is composed of about 75% saturated hydrocarbons and 25% aromatic hydrocarbons. The average chemical formula for common diesel fuel is C12H23.

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